DDEX on Hydro Migration FAQ



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    Milos Bjelobrk

    Dear DDEX.io,

    Why do old users of the application have to pay gas again, once they have paid for it? Why did not you download a simple state at the time of installing a new application? Was it so that it should be, or did you want to earn one more time on this activity?

    The old app was fine, but if you changed it at your request, then you need to be gentlemen to old users, and to charge new users for that activity, as we paid it. It's a little for both yours and ours, but it's about your professional and human attitude towards us, and it can turn us around to another crypto trading. If this is your only way to earn money on crypto trading, we will pay again.

    Best regards,
    Miloš Bjelobrk

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